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Purchase a registration number to unlock all the features in the trial program. January to December moon data for 2021.

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The Moon Planting Matrix is a desktop application that will help you generate yearly planting dates for your vegetable and garden plants. Download the 30 day free trail before purchasing the registration that will unlock print, import, and save functions.

  • Customize your lunar planting information by setting your own frost dates, time zone and units of measurement. This will give you a more precise planting lists of over 50 annual vegetables and fruits. You can add plants to the list.
  • Calculate your harvest dates and succession planting, add specific varieties that you grow
  • Comes with one year of moon data and planting dates for $30. Moon date is January to December 2021
  • This is the best option for international customers. However, it may not be suitable for Southern Hemisphere or entirely frost-free areas.
  • Your registration number will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Simply enter the user name and registration number on the preferences page in the trial program to unlock all the features.
  • Each new year requires a unique registration number and version upgrade.

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