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Select the Format You Would Like for Your Lunar Planting Information

The Lunar Planting Guide comes in three formats. Choose which works best for you:

  1. The printed wall calendar.
  2. An instant digital download, print-it-yourself PDF. Buy it by the year or just a few months.
  3. The Moon Planting Matrix Software program that you can customize for your specific frost dates, time zone, and the plants you have in your garden. Best product for international customers.

Average Frost Free Dates

Most of our products come with these regional choices:

Long Growing Season
March 1 to November 15

Medium Growing Season
April 15 to October 15

Short Growing Season
May 15 to September 30

Printed Wall Calendar At-a-Glance

Gardening by the Moon 2020The printed wall calendar is a beautiful full-color lunar gardening guide at-a-glance. Order yours based on the length of your growing season. Click on one of the following:

>>Long Growing Season Printed Calendar

>>Medium Growing Season Printed Calendar

>>Short Growing Season Printed Calendar

Priced at $15.95 plus tax (CA residents) and shipping.

Instant Download Digital PDF Files

Discounts for Wholesale Buyers

Gardening by the Moon 2020

2020 is ready to order!
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Note: Minimum Order is 12 

>>Long Season, Wholesale (Shrink wrapped)

>>Medium Season, Wholesale (Shrink wrapped)

>>Short Season, Wholesale (Shrink Wrapped)

Please note that sales tax may be charged unless you provide a resale tax ID number.

The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Get the Planting Guide on Your Computer!Moon Planting Matrix Software

Available for PC or Mac computers, the guide is fully customizable for your frost dates and time zones. Try the Moon Planting Planting Matrix software for 30 days free!