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The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Customize to Your Exact Local Frost Free Dates

A software program to more precisely customize the settings for your growing season and vegetable and fruit varieties

  • Choose your frost dates, all time zones and DST, temperature, and units of measurement
  • Shows best days for moon phase and astrological sign planting on a calendar
  • Calendar format for general view, comprehensive list for planting specifics
  • Includes cultivation information on 50 vegetables and flowers, with capability of editing, adding plants, storing notes and harvest records
  • Planting lists you can print and take to the garden
  • Choose to add succession planting dates and fall crops
  • Try it free for 30 days, then purchase registration key to enable saving, printing
  • Registration number will be processed within 24 hours
  • Separate download for Southern Hemisphere, preset with July to June planting dates
  • One year of moon phase and sign data included with the software. Additional moon data can be purchased for $10 a year.
The Moon Planting Matrix software

Try the 30 day free trial…

…then purchase the registration that unlocks all features

Choose the free trial below that is most appropriate for you. It will download to your computer.


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Monthly Calendar

  • Shows the moon phase and sign for each day, in local time.
  • Short phrases tell you what type of planting or activity is good for that sign.
  • Click on the turquoise “Moon in…” bar to see lunar planting activities for that sign.
  • You can add personal notes to the days by clicking on the date.


Preferences Screen

  • Set up is easy and should take about 15 minutes.
  • Enter your exact frost dates, time zone, preferences for daylight savings time, and units of measurement (12 or 24 hour clock, C or F, inches or metric).
  • Choose to include earliest indoor seed starting dates.
  • Click on Create Planting Lists and it will calculate the best planting dates for your garden

Three separate screens for plant characteristics, planting dates, and moon preference

Plant Database

  • Comes with over fifty annual vegetable crops and flowers included.
  • Shows plant characteristics such as preferred soil and air temperature, planting depth and spacing, and best moon sign and phase.
  • Lists best lunar planting dates for planting inside, outside, or transplanting seedlings.
  • Enter a date planted and calculate harvest window.
  • Add, remove, copy or temporarily deactivate crops for your own garden needs.
  • Store cultivation notes and harvest records.

Current Activities Screen

  • This screen lists the garden tasks for the month and a planting list for the specified date range.
  • Lists when a crop can be planted inside as seeds, directly in the ground, or transplanted as seedlings only, all on one screen.
  • You can add, remove, deactivate or filter the activities to fit your garden.
  • Print feature allows you to take the lists with you into the garden.

Ready to check out? Click the Cart icon in the top navigation bar.


Choose PC or Mac platform from the free trial link. Download and save to your computer hard drive. An installer program will open asking you where you want to save the files, default is Documents. Make note of where it is saved. You may get a dialog asking you to confirm that the software is safe. You can be assured that our software is 100% safe to install.

After trying the program, return and purchase the registration for $49.99. You will receive an e-mail with your user name (first and last) and valid registration number. (Please note this registration may take up to 24 hours). Copy this information exactly into the registration fields from the Preferences page.

You can purchase one more year of moon data for $10 and import that into the program. You could also download the free trial, but I do appreciate your encouragement for my work.

The moon data goes from July to June to cover their growing season. The time zone and units of measurement are set for Sydney, but can be changed. The moons grow from the left, not the right.

The current version is 2.1.0, with 2017 dates.

Significant updates to the program. Shows what can be planted inside and outside in one view. Easier tracking of succession plantings. It is recommended that all past users update to this version.

Sorry, not at this time, but maybe someday.

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