Gardening by the Moon

Download & Installation Tutorial

1) Print this page. It is much easier to follow these direction by referring to a printed page then by switching back and forth between your browser and other windows.

A few quick definitions:

• Download - transfer from the web site to your computer
• Installer - the file you download that will install the software onto your computer
• Link - the underlined text that says "Download Installer"
• Operating System - Windows Vista, XP or Mac OSX

2) Download the installer. Make sure you click the link for the Operating System you are using.

On most Windows computers, you will get a File Download dialog when you click on the link. Next click the Save button. (If nothing happens when you click on the link, right click on the link and choose Save Target As... from the pop up menu.)

In the Save As dialog choose the Desktop or some other place where you will be able to easily locate the installer file. Then click Save. A progress dialog should appear and notify you when the download is complete. You may get a dialog asking you to confirm that the software is from a trusted source. You can be assured that our software is 100% safe to install.

If you have a Macintosh, the file should start downloading immediately, usually to your desktop (although this can be changed in the Download Options of your browser's Preferences window). If you have a dial up connection, you may want to show the Download Manager window to monitor the progress.

If nothing happens when you click the download link, try holding the mouse down on the link and choosing Download Link to Disk from the popup menu.

3) Back up and remove any old versions of the software. If you have never installed software from Divine Inspiration Publications you can skip this step. If you have records in an old version of the software you want to import into the new version, you need to open the older version and click the Export button. View this file in a text editor (ie, Notepad or TextEdit) to assure yourself that all the records are there, before proceeding to delete the old version.

Windows users: if you were using a recent version which was contained in a .zip file, you copied the program to your computer and just need to delete that folder and skip to step 4) Install the new software.

If you used the installation program supplied with older versions, you should use the utility supplied with the software to remove the old version. Use of the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel that comes with Windows is NOT recommended. Click the Start Menu button. Click All Programs (if that is an option). Click the Program Name (Moon Planting Matrix). Then choose the Remove [Program Name] menu item. Macintosh users can just delete the folder that contains the old version.

4) Install the new software. Windows: If you downloaded an .msi file, double-click the file and follow the instructions.

If you downloaded an .exe file (older version): To install on Vista: after downloading the installer to your computer, right-click the Installer and Select Run as Administrator. If the UAC prompt appears, click Allow. Click the MindVision Software splash screen that appears to continue. Click Next on the Welcome Screen. Click Next on the Important Notes screen. Then choose Next on the Choose Destination Location screen (you can change the default destination). Click the Close button on the Finished screen.

A Windows Explorer window should be open and a shortcut should be on your Desktop. A Start Menu program group will have been created for the software which will match the open explorer window.

Macintosh OSX: The download file is compressed in a .dmg format. If the .dmg file does not automatically mount, double-click it and the program folder will appear in a new Finder window. After copying the folder to your Applications folder, eject the virtual drive and open your Applications folder. Locate the new program folder and open it to access the program. You will probably want to drag the Program icon to your Dock so you can easily open it in the future. You can safely delete the .hqx, .sitx and .dmg files after installation. Note: make sure you install the software in a particular user's folder, someplace where the user has write access privileges.

5) Import old records. If you are not a registered user and are updating your software, you will not be able to import your old records without registering the software first. Click here to register your software. If you used the Export feature to create a backup file, click the Import button on the Welcome window to import all the old records at one time.

6) Dispose of the installer. Please feel free to send the installer to a gardening friend with a note saying "Here's a great little program to try”. Then you can delete or archive the installer.

For Installation questions or Technical Support,