Gardening by the Moon Planting Guide

and Garden Activities Based on the Cycles of the Moon

There is always something to do in the garden, and this unique tool shows you the best days for planting by the phase and sign of the moon. Each month shows garden activities based on your growing season, and tells you when is the fertile time to plant. This is the best moon calendar for gardeners, with more planting information specific to your climate. It will keep you on track with your garden activities all year long. The lunar gravitational pull increases the moisture in the soil at the time of the new and full moon, encouraging germination and growth. By working with the forces of nature you can have a more abundant harvest.
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Available in three different formats-- the printed wall calender, an instant digital download, print-it-yourself PDF, or a software program that you can customize for your specific frost dates and time zone:

Gardening by the Moon 2018

Gardening by the Moon 2018
11" x 17" wall calendar


Choose from:
Long Growing season (Pacific time)
Medium Growing Season (Eastern Time)
Short Growing Season (Eastern Time)

The wall calendar has these features:

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The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Our software application can be customized to your frost date, time zone and favorite annual crops.
Expanded plant database. One year moon data included.
30 day free trial.

The Moon Planting Matrix Software
will generate planting and activity lists based on:

Download your 30 day free trial now.
PC operating system
MAC operating system

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Gardening by the Moon PDF

PDF Download
$2 a month or $12/ year

The exact months you want,
with choice of Long, Medium or Short growing season
and PST or EST time zones.

Get immediate delivery, print it yourself, (or save paper)
and save on shipping.

Gardening by the Moon inside view

How to Order your Gardening by the Moon calendar

Choose between three different ways of getting your lunar planting information-- the full color 11” x 17” printed wall calendar , the digital files PDF format for instant access, or the software application to give you customized frost dates, time zone, crop choices, and more planting information than the wall calendar. The software is the best option for international customers, or those who garden over winter in the hot southern areas of the US.

You will also need to decide which version is best for your length of growing season, based on your local frost dates. When choosing frost dates, remember that they are the average last frost date (and thus some frost may occur before or after that time). Need help deciding?

We have three different versions of the wall calendar and PDF:
Long--March 1 to November 15
Medium--April 15 to October 15
Short--May 15 to September 30

Price: The printed wall calendar is $14.95. The Digital Calendar is $2 a month, $7.50 for 6 months, and $1 each for 9 months or more.

Shipping: First class postage is $3.75, $6.10 for priority service. We generally ship first class mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Priority will go out the next day. Three or more calendars are shipped USPS Media Mail. There is no shipping charge for the digital file, because they are downloaded at the end of the payment confirmation.

To pay by check: You may send usa check directly (for the wall calendar only, not digital files). Include price in US$, plus $3.75 shipping (CA residents add 8.25 % sales tax) , and a note about which version of the wall calendar you want. Allow 2 weeks delivery.

Mail payment to: Divine Inspiration Publications
PO Box 2503 Guerneville CA 95446

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not absolutely delighted we will refund your money, or exchange it if you want another version. For problems or questions e-mail customer service or phone 707.869.3974 (MW afternoon, Fri Am,Pacific time).