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Choose from three formats

  • • Printed Wall Calendar
  • • Digital download by the month
  • • The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Choose from three versions of the printed Calendar, based on average frost free dates

  • • LONG Season
      March 1 to Nov. 15
  • • MEDIUM Season
      April 15 to Oct 15
  • • SHORT Season
      May 15 to Sept. 30

The Gardening by the Moon planting guide is a great organizational tool to help you find the best time for planting by the moon phase and sign. It has more regional gardening information than any other moon calendar, and is great for those who want to start their own seeds, and optimize their growing season.

This has been proven to sell well at garden centers, nurseries, independent book stores, natural food stores, and other businesses focusing on a green lifestyle. It continues to sell all the way through spring.

Chose from three versions based on your average frost free dates, with specific planting lists and activites for your local season. You can combine multiple versions to receive the discount--useful in areas that have several microclimates, or a tourist clientele. .

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