Planting Guide Options

Choose from three formats

  • • Printed Wall Calendar
  • • Digital download by the month
  • • The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Choose from three versions of the printed Calendar, based on average frost free dates

  • • LONG Season
      March 1 to Nov. 15
  • • MEDIUM Season
      April 15 to Oct 15
  • • SHORT Season
      May 15 to Sept. 30

The Gardening by the Moon planting guide is a great organizational tool to help you find the best time for planting by the moon phase and sign. Wholesale discounts, minimum 12, Shrink wrapped, counter display available.

  • More regional gardening information than any other moon calendar
  • Great for those who want to start their own seeds, and optimize their growing season
  • Proven to sell well at garden centers, nurseries, book stores, natural food stores, and green lifestyle businesses
  • It continues to sell all the way through spring in your area.
  • Chose from three versions based on your average frost free dates
  • Specific planting lists and activites for your local season
  • Order minimum of 12 to see discount, next price break 24. You can combine multiple versions to receive the discount--useful in areas that have several microclimates, or a tourist clientele