Planting Guide Options

Choose from three formats

  • • Printed Wall Calendar
  • • Digital download by the month
  • • The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Choose from three versions of the printed Calendar, based on average frost free dates

  • • LONG Season
      March 1 to Nov. 15
  • • MEDIUM Season
      April 15 to Oct 15
  • • SHORT Season
      May 15 to Sept. 30

The Moon Planting Matrix

Our software offers you more ability to customize for your exact frost dates, time zone and the vegetables and fruits that you want to grow--with our usual easy to read moon phase and sign, and more precise planting lists. It includes a database with more cultivation information on each plant, and capability of adding plants, storing notes and harvest records.
One year of moon phase and sign data, and planting information for over fifty annual vegetables and flowers is included with the software. Additional moon data can be purchased for $10 a year. This is the best option for non-US customers, or those who grow in hot climates.