Planting Guide Options

Choose from three formats

  • • Printed Wall Calendar
  • • Digital download by the month
  • • The Moon Planting Matrix Software

Choose from three versions of the printed Calendar, based on average frost free dates

  • • LONG Season
      March 1 to Nov. 15
  • • MEDIUM Season
      April 15 to Oct 15
  • • SHORT Season
      May 15 to Sept. 30
Gardening by the Moon 2016

Planting Guide and Garden Activities based on the Cycles of the Moon.


The wall calendar has these features:


  • The best phase and sign of the moon for planting and cultivating
  • When to plant vegetable and flower seeds in flats or set out in the garden, according to your frost dates
  • Monthly reminders of seasonal garden activities
  • Shows daily moon phase and sign, and the time of full and new moons
  • Three climate versions to match  your local growing season
  • Choose from three climate versions for short, medium or long growing seasons.
    Long Season- Mar 1- Nov. 15, Pacific time zone
    Medium Season- April 15 - Oct. 15, Eastern time zone
    Short Season- May 15 - Sept. 30, Eastern time zone

Other options in time zone and growing season version can be found in PDF category.


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Gardening by the Moon 2016 for a LONG Growing Season
Price: $14.95 $8.00 ends 12/31/2016
Gardening by the Moon 2016 for a MEDIUM Growing Season
Price: $14.95 $8.00 ends 12/31/2016

Gardening by the Moon 2016 for a SHORT Growing Season
Price: $14.95 $8.00 ends 12/31/2016